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Managing a release of a complete product is so much more than just handling a bunch of packages. Find out how ReleaseQueue makes your release team fly!

Bill of Materials

Create a locked bill of materials for every product build. You will always know exactly what get’s installed!

Debian/Ubuntu Packages

ReleaseQueue kicks off with support for Debian and Ubuntu packages. More to come!

Make or Bake

Whether you prepare pre-baked images or prefer making your setup when needed, ReleaseQueue controls exactly what get’s installed.

Private Repositories

OpenSource is great! We love it. But quite often, your application has a commercial part. Authenticated repository access is our answer to protect these pieces!

Upload from CI

Your developers upload their packages straight from your build server! Support for Jenkins, TeamCity and Bamboo!

Virtual Repositories

Every product build is hosted behind a virtual package repository, exposing only the packages from your BOM.

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